About Us

The office at 914 Otto Street was first used by Corinne's great-grandfather, David Agopian. Andrew Highrabedian, David's nephew, was the contractor. David Agopian provided insurance, accounting, and general business services until his death in 1961. Mr. Agopian's daughter, Evelyn, joined her father while she was in high school and joined full time after she graduated from Baylor University with a degree in accounting. Evelyn met her future husband, and future business partner, Ralph Waters, while at the office. Evelyn and Ralph continued to provide insurance and accounting services until Ralph's death in 1992 and Evelyn's death in 2005. Emily W. Hillsman, daughter of Ralph and Evelyn, joined the family practice in 1980. Emily is a certified public accountant. Corinne is Emily's daughter and the fourth-generation to office at 914 Otto Street.